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Every body is unique – allow us to build a custom plan based on you and your wellness goals.
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Experience & Commitment

Our clients range from all ages and backgrounds.  For over 20 years, we have successfully worked with professional athletes and dancers as well as those seeking rehabilitative therapy, general cross conditioning, improved strength, movement, relief from pain, tight muscles and stiff joints.

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Our Studio

Motion Studios is newly renovated and located in beautiful and historic downtown Kilmarnock, VA.

You can purchase a single session or a discounted plan that works for you.  Or you can contact us to book your session and pay at the studio - whatever works best for you. 


Contact us for scheduling a private session or a consultation! 

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The GYROTONIC® method is an original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by clearing and opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency.  It’s a training method based in principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming.Unlike yoga and Pilates (and most workouts), there's an emphasis on rotation and spiraling movement while syncing your breathing with the movement of the pulleys and handles involved. 

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What People Say
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Vickie F.

Exercises are challenging and holistic. Incorporating breathing, movement and weight. Had never heard of Gyrotonic Exercise. I'm completely committed now, logical Range of Motion with challenging positions, weight, and detail.. It's like Yoga on steroids! Kilmarnock is fortunate to have this progressive studio! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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Michael B.

"Morgann released long dormant flexibility that has improved my rowing, cycling and everyday life."

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Alexis E.

"I have worked with Morgann for several years in both a personal training and GYRTONIC capacity. What I appreciate most about working with Morgann is that she has helped me learn to listen to my body and adapts our workouts to best help my problem areas, not just mentally, but physically! In addition to making me work hard, Morgann is a joy to work with and I always leave happier than when I arrive."

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