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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Chair Yoga Class

See schedule - Pricing Plans: 1/$20; 5/$75; 10/$150

  • Motion Studios


Are you interested in yoga but intimidated by all the movement required to get up and down from the floor? Gain access to the benefits of a Full Yoga class while just sitting on a chair! Using a combination of swimming, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Gyrokinesis® Exercise, this class will therapeutically stretch the body using a gentle self-massage warm up, moving into modified yoga poses while seated, and eventually standing and working on balance using the chair for support. The chair is used to take pressure off arthritic joints and tight muscles, similar to water therapy, so that the body has a chance to move freely, without pain or discomfort. Guidance and hands on will be used to assist stretches and correct postures and form. Breathe will be used to help relieve stress and increase range of motion in the body. Open to all skill levels.

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