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Intro to the GYROTONIC® Method

1 Hour (Max 4 Participants)

Offered:  Contact us to schedule


The GYROTONIC® method is a complete system of exercising.   It articulates your joints, improves the flow of energy through the body, stimulates acupuncture points, builds stamina and strength and improves health.
GYROTONIC® classes are designed to take the body beyond its current limitations. People come out of this class with increased freedom of movement, greater strength and more agility. 

GYROTONIC® exercises are adapted to fit anyone’s ability, from those recovering from injury or living with a disability to elite athletes. In this introduction class you will learn the fundamentals of the technique and how to manipulate the machine properly.  Advanced registration is required and it is recommended to take 2 times a week for better results.   (see below for registration help) 


How to register:

1) Use the "Book Now" button above to select a session date/time.   Once selected if you haven't already purchased a plan, you can select one-time or multi-pack plans after booking your first session 


2) Select a plan above and then use "Sessions"  from the main menu, select your session and use the "Book Now" button to book the session date/time that work for you.


Your plan and remaining sessions as well as your scheduled sessions will be tracked in your account when you register. You can always  contact us/meet at the studio to pay and schedule. 

  • a. Group GYROTONIC - 1 Session

    Valid for one year
  • b. Group GYROTONIC - 5 Sessions

    Valid for one year
  • c. Group GYROTONIC - 10 Sessions

    Valid for one year
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